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Beer by Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm beers are available in many beer shops and tap rooms around the region, and they should soon begin to appear in groceries.

Written By:  Chris Chamberlain

Photographers:  Christen Clemins

For years, Blackberry Farm has been a luxurious destination for Middle Tennesseans seeking a little pampering and fresh mountain air. The resort, located in Walland, a half hour outside of Knoxville, is also a culinary destination, with two past chefs earning James Beard nominations and awards as Best Chef: Southeast, as well as other Beard nods for their service and wine program.

So, when word came out a few years back that Blackberry Farm would begin to brew their own beer, expectations were sky high. Under the direction of managing partner Roy Milner, Blackberry Farm Brewery (BFB) concentrates on beers that pair well with food, developing a line-up of brews that are both balanced and complex. Packaged in 750-milliliter bottles, the beers are served unfiltered and naturally carbonated—and have won numerous national awards at beer competitions.

BFB’s new offerings in cans include Coyote Tactics IPA, TN Times Pilsner, and Screaming Cock Pale Ale. Each can features unique label art created by Southern artists who have relationships with Blackberry Farm. “Much like the beers, we wanted each label to have its own personality,” Milner says.

“Working with artists familiar with Blackberry Farm’s culture ties this project closer to the people that we interact with. We want the cans to feel more youthful, bold, and in the moment. These new beers are meant to inspire recreating, connecting, and enjoying yourself and an active lifestyle.”

tasting notes


Coyote Tactics IPA

Not as intensely piney as some West Coast IPAs, Coyote Tactics is as sneaky as a pack of its namesake hunters. Starting out with a subtle, citrusy-orange aroma, the beer opens up on the nose to reveal a pleasant, bready malt character. Well-balanced and only moderately bitter, Coyote Tactics builds sip after sip to a nice, dry floral finish.

TN Times Pilsner

This beer is perfect for poolside or boating fun—and not just because it comes in cans. Crisp and brightly carbonated, TN Times is a classic German-style pilsner that is reminiscent of what many Americans drank before mass-produced beer became so commoditized. The hops are subtle, but still there, and the golden malt offers a bit of a biscuit-y finish.

Screaming Cock Pale Ale

American Pale Ales are the beer variety that converted a lot of light lager drinkers into craft beer fans, with Sierra Nevada and Nashville’s own Yazoo Brewing Co. offering good examples. Blackberry Farm’s addition to the canon is a worthy player. Screaming Cock contributes the sort of tongue-coating hops and bitterness that are characteristic of the style. Notes of fruit and tart citrus help to balance the bitter.

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