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Nashville's Top Doctors 2016

Your annual guide to the best healthcare professionals in Middle Tennessee.

Posted on July 26, 2016 Whether you’re dealing with a medical emergency or simply looking for the right pediatrician, navigating the process of selecting from the vast number physicians available in Middle Tennessee can be downright daunting. That’s why, every few years, Nashville Lifestyles enlists the help of Castle Connolly Ltd., an independent company, to provide us with a list of the region’s to...

Top Doctors in Nashville: Dr. Walter Morgan, M.D.

More with Vanderbilt Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Walter Morgan.

Posted on July 25, 2016 >>> Meet Dr. Kelly Williams   Except for his years at Princeton and Johns Hopkins universities, Dr. Walter Morgan has lived on the same plot of land all his life. “The house I grew up in, the house I lived in as a teenager, and my home now are all within a block of each other,” Dr. Morgan laughs. He is also relatively close to the site of the hospital where he wo...

Chef Ryan Poli of Catbird Seat

At The Catbird Seat, chef Ryan Poli offers wanderlust, whimsy, and cookie jars.

Posted on July 24, 2016 Now in its third iteration, and approaching its five-year anniversary, The Catbird Seat still stands at the top of Nashville’s restaurant heap—and chef Ryan Poli, a 39-year-old Chicago native is navigating diners through the jewel-box restaurant’s epic 12-course meals. Poli was just coming off of a two-year global trek when he learned the Catbird chef position was opening up. Ha...

The Revamped Belcourt Theater

The famous Belcourt Theatre reopens after a substantial renovation.

Posted on July 23, 2016 Hillsboro Village’s 90-year-old Belcourt Theatre has reopened after nearly seven months of much-needed modernization. But, as one of the Southeast’s most cherished cinema-houses, a primary concern along the way was making sure it didn’t lose its quirky, old-school soul in the process. “It really was a community-driven thought process,” executive director Stephanie Si...

At Home with Cheryl and Scott Underwood

How one couple completed the look of their stunning Woodmont home.

Posted on July 22, 2016 As Cheryl and Scott Underwood have discovered, a home is the flower of a seed planted long before. Their relationship, sparked at a concert, now bears ravishing blooms by way of a house on Woodmont Boulevard. During a concert, Scott—then a drummer for the band Train—spotted Cheryl in the second row. Their meet cute-romance developed into marriage, children, and a move to Nashville. ...

Graze Nashville

Graze Nashville brings another veg-focused dining option to the east side.

Posted on July 20, 2016 When chef Roderick Bailey abruptly shuttered his popular eatery, The Silly Goose, last fall, fans of the primarily vegetarian restaurant feared that their dining options had been severely limited. They needn’t have worried, as John and Melanie Cochran, owners of The Wild Cow around the corner, quickly stepped in to take over the property. Along with chef Nick Davis, they began to plan a new ...