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The Well Coiffed Closet

Revamp your look this summer with Nashville’s newest image consultant.

Written By:  Ridley Green

Photographers:  Laura Purtee

Megan Evans, image consultant, stylist, and founder of The Well Coiffed Closet, has only been in Nashville for ten months, but she says it already feels like home. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Evans has lived across the country from New York to Los Angeles, building a career in the entertainment world.

During her most recent stint in New York with her husband, Craig, Evans began brainstorming her next move. Craig was in the process of launching his own business, Y’allsome—a t-shirt company that the couple now runs together—when she considered starting her own business, too. Organizing closets and helping friends pick out something to wear was always fun, but it was never something Evans imagined she could turn into a business. A big believer in the science behind fashion, she set out to prove herself wrong by becoming a certified image consultant through the Fashion Institute of Technology.

In 2010, The Well Coiffed Closet was born. Passionate about the reasons behind why certain silhouettes and colors work for different people, Evans says her goal has always been “to make people feel confident in themselves and help them build their own personal style.”

The Well Coiffed Closet, which is now based in Charleston, New York, LA, and Nashville, helps clients get organized and refresh their wardrobes. After a thorough closet edit, where Evans or her Charleston-based partner, Elizabeth Gumb, helps sort through what is and isn’t working, the consultant is able to understand a client’s true style and develop a list of necessary items for that season. She goes on to implement the perfect closet system, custom to each client, to organize clothing by color and category.

Evans has learned to know what works, she says, and when it’s time to shop, she’ll pull clothes before the client arrives at the store to make that part of the process more fluid. The last, and best, step is a personal look-book created from images taken of the client’s pieces, offering countless outfit ideas that blend what’s old and what’s new in a wardrobe.

Evans makes it a priority to shop locally but also maintains contacts with stores and designers all over the country, ensuring that her clientele will get access to the top looks and trends, no matter where they live.

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