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Inspiring Spaces: Nashville Artists in Their Studios

Local artists invite us in to their creative work spaces.

Written By:  Kate Parrish

Photographers:  Shannon Fontaine

Ed Nash
Painter // Inglewood

At over 3,000-square-feet, artist Ed Nash’s Inglewood studio features 16-foot ceilings, an office loft (where local bands take over for house concerts), a kitchen, and a framing shop. A large garage door rolls up filling the space with natural light and allowing Nash’s two shop dogs the freedom to enter and exit at their leisure. “Light puts me at ease,” he says. “I have a real hard time painting in artificial light.”

For Nash, who is originally from Letchworth Garden City, England, his studio is more than just a place to paint. “It’s a workspace, an exhibit space, an office; it’s a place for my kids to play and learn,” he says, adding, “It’s a place to reflect and think.”

With paintings often reaching over six feet in height and width, Nash needed a large space to create his work. He found his current space in an industrial park in 2010 and quickly made it his own, bringing in forklifts to move walls and building out the loft space. “We embody the space we work in and live,” says Nash. “Big paintings need space to breathe.” ednashart.com

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