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Nashville Lifestyles' 25 Most Beautiful People 2015

Our 16th annual list of Nashville's most dynamic, engaging, and yes, beautiful individuals!

Written By:  Erin Byers Murray & Anna Kate Read

Photographers:  Cameron Powell

Meet all 25 Most Beautiful in our October issue!

Jake Owen — Country Music Artist

Name the person who has been the greatest influence in your life and why/how? I’d say my granddad until I had my little girl. Now Pearl is my greatest influence. I’m leading her by example.
Any products that you swear by // cannot live without? Kiehl’s makes this stuff called facial firming moisturizer, and it smells like eucalyptus. It’s really good. For about 31 years of my life, I never moisturized or used anything like that—ever. It really changed my mornings—and evenings. It’s like the first time I got a Sonicare toothbrush. What have I been missing all this time?
Describe what you feel to be your strongest and most defining personality traits. Kindness—I’m nice to people. I try to make people laugh
What is your definition of a beautiful person? A beautiful person is someone who’s kind and gentle and thoughtful and gives more of themselves than they expect to gain. Someone who’s confident.

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