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5 Spots to take a Nashville Selfie

Great photo-op spots at these Nashville murals.

Written By:  Brooke Langley

Photographers:  Melanie Foster

You've all seen the instagrams with the I Believe in Nashville mural by DCXV, but here are a few more artsy walls to prove you've been to Nashville! These murals are a great place to have a kodak moment if you’re not from the area, and a new place to explore if you are a local.

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Artist: Adrien Saporiti
Where: 625 Main St Nashville, TN 37206 (East Nashville)

This banded mural was created in 2014 by DCXV Industries founder Saporiti who is known for other art walls across town including the famous “I Believe in Nashville” design in the Marathon Village and 12South neighborhoods. With a goal to unite Nashvillians, Saporiti’s paintings are identifiable by their bright and colorful palates, attracting attention from locals and tourists alike.

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