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What We're Craving This Month: Poutine

Hearty, sustaining, and decadent — this month's must-try is a combo of potatoes and cheese!

Written By:  James Reford

Photographers:  Hadley Sintic

Poutine just might be the perfect winter food. Hearty, sustaining, and decadent, it’s attained a cult-like status that belies its simplicity. Most poutine, a Quebecois export, consists of three elements: French fries, cheddar cheese curds, and beef gravy. Here are few variations to get you through a cold winter day.

Pub 5 — Poutine

Just like the classic, this one’s a pile of fries, cheese curds, and a rich beef gravy. 104 5th Ave. S., 615-780-4005; pub5.com

Café CoCo — French Canadian Fries

The folks at Coco have swapped out the cheddar for mozzarella, but the tasty beef gravy remains the same. 210 Louise Ave., 615-321-2626; cafecoco.net

Flipside — Poutine

These fries come with brown gravy, cheese curds and in Nashville fashion, a fried egg. 2403 12th Ave. S.; 615-292-9299; theflipside12south.com

{PUB}licity — Poutine

Hand-cut fries and artisanal Kenny’s Farmhouse cheddar curds are enhanced with the addition of housemade hog’s head gravy. 7073 U.S. 70S, 615-730-6400; publicitynashville.com

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