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Top 10 New Bites to Try

Of all of the dishes, small plates, entrees, and desserts we tasted in the past year, these are the ones that made us hungry for more.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Mark Boughton, Jen McDonald, Danielle Atkins, Christen Clemins & Nathan Zucker

Hard Boiled BLT, $13

Cafe Roze 

It’s not easy to find a well-constructed sandwich, but this version of the B.L.T. at Cafe Roze hits every note. The egg, which is soft boiled and then slathered in turmeric paste and sliced thick, shines from its spot between thick slabs of Gifford’s bacon and delicate tufts of watercress. It all comes together between two toasted slices, with a just-salted shmear of caper aioli. caferoze.com

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