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Sprinkles Cupcakes in 12 South

The buzzed-about Cupcake ATM lands in Nashville.

Written By:  Nancy Vienneau

Photographers:  Supplied & Kristin Sweeting

Candace Nelson should be dubbed the Queen of Cupcakes. In 2005, she opened Sprinkles, the world’s first “cupcakerie” in Beverly Hills, and made dessert history. Lines formed daily for her savvy versions of red velvet, lemon coconut, and milk chocolate (topped with chocolate sprinkles, of course). Her success launched a nationwide craze, as hosts of other cupcake bakeries followed her lead.

Eleven years later, affection for these treats has moved beyond mania into mainstream. Nelson has broadened her brand, sharing her cupcake love with Sprinkles bakeries across the country. Last December, 12 South became the 18th Sprinkles location.

What makes these cupcakes so beloved? Fine ingredients—such as Belgian bittersweet chocolate, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, sweet cream butter, and fresh fruits. Nelson developed her recipes to make consistently rich, moist cakes, capped with the right balance of frosting. Freshness is paramount, ensured by small-batch baking on site. Each cupcake is hand-iced. Design, display, and packaging are all done with an artful eye.

Ever the pioneer, Nelson has introduced another first: the Cupcake ATM. At your disposal day or night, it’s as easy as getting money from the bank. Touch the screen, choose your cupcake, swipe your card, and watch as the robotic arm pulls your selection. In moments, the door opens and—voila!—the boxed confection is in your hands.

2606 12th Ave. S., 615-712-6885; sprinkles.com

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