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Read ‘Em and Eat — New Cookbooks

Four new cookbooks to chew on this summer.

Written By:  Kate Parrish

Photographers:  Supplied

Nutrition Stripped: 100 Whole-Food Recipes Made Deliciously Simple by McKel Hill

McKel Hill, a registered dietitian nutritionist, occasional Nashville Lifestyles contributor, and health blogger, believes balanced wellbeing begins with eating whole foods. In her first cookbook, out this month, Hill shares her recipes for nutrient-dense, plant-based dishes, like beetroot burgers, zucchini pizza, and salted-caramel brownies. Hill uses her extensive background in health and wellness to round out recipes with advice on how to eat with the seasons, boost immunity in the body, and naturally detox. Whether gluten-free, paleo, vegan, or some other dietary preference, Hill offers simple and approachable recipes and tips for moving toward a more whole food-based diet. (Available August 23 from William Morrow)

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