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Peg Leg Porker opens in the Gulch

Pitmaster Cary Bringle brings Memphis-style barbecue joint to the Gulch

Written By:  Erin Byers Murray


According to pitmaster Cary Bringle, who’s been cooking barbecue for 30 years, he went about it all wrong. “Most people start the restaurant, then build a brand. I did it the other way around,” he says. The creator of Peg Leg Porker runs an award-winning competition barbecue team, has a line of seasonings and sauces, and now, 12 years in the making, a barbecue restaurant near the Gulch. “Now I actually have an anchor for the brand,” he smiles.

Peg Leg Porker is what Bringle considers a “traditional” barbecue restaurant: cement block walls, personal mementos hanging throughout, and a huge smokin’ pit out front. He serves pork and chicken—no brisket—because, he says, “to me, this is Tennessee barbecue. It’s what I grew up eating [when I went to] Memphis. So we’re going to do what we do, even if it doesn’t please everybody.”
But if you like hickory-smoked pork and a full bar, we’re guessing it’ll please you just fine.

The menu is tight with little more than a pulled pork sandwich, a pulled pork platter, dry ribs, wet ribs, a yardbird platter, a few starters, and sides like smoked green beans and slaw. He’ll also smoke a whole hog on weekends and probably even heckle you a bit on the microphone. “We’re gonna have some fun,” he says with a laugh.

Peg Leg Porker
903 Gleaves St.
(615) 829-6023

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