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Organic Grocery, Sprouts Farmers Market, Opens in Franklin

Franklin welcomes a new full-service grocery store.

Written By:  Melissa Corbin

Photographers:  Christen Clemins

Arizona-based natural and organic food store Sprouts Farmers Market opened its doors in Franklin this spring, offering fresh food at great prices.

“It’s perfect for people who are health-curious,” says regional marketing manager Caitlin Harvey.

If the heart of healthful eating is fruits and vegetables, the heart of a grocery store should be its produce section—and that’s exactly where you’ll find the bounty at Sprouts: in the center of the store. In addition to regional favorites like heirloom tomatoes, there are exotics like dragon fruit and rambutan.

“We describe products as ‘local’ if they are made or produced in a particular store’s state or within 500 miles,” explains Harvey, noting that stores generally showcase upward of 60 local and regional products.

There are fresh-pressed juices, a salad bar, and premade meals for those on the go. Wild-caught seafood and the butcher’s housemade sausages beckon, while the dairy cases are lined with an array of choices as well (organic and non-cow’s milk products included). Also available are more than 2,500 gluten-free items—look for the yellow price labels—and a supplement section made simple by a team of vetted vitamin staff.

Harvey says that their community collaborations are “hyper-local,” which is why they are always looking for new ways to plug into their locales. To her point: the Food Rescue Program. At the end of each day, Sprouts Franklin donates all unsold edible but not marketable groceries to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. Look for a second Tennessee location to open in Murfreesboro later this summer.

1010 Murfreesboro Rd., Franklin, 615-567-0191; sprouts.com

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