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Nashville's Top Mexican Restaurants

A look at some of Nashville’s new and old favorites

Written By:  Chris Chamberlain

Photographers:  Ron Manville, The Tennessean & Various

Baja Burrito

The granddaddy of Nashville Mission-style burrito joints, Baja Burrito introduced many locals to the concept of overstuffed handheld Mexican meals. The Thompson Lane location is easy to find thanks to the patriotic VW Bug parked outside, but both the parking lot and the dining room are a little cramped. Once diners find a place to park and a seat, the process of getting fed goes very smoothly. A simple menu of burritos and tacos leads customers through their options as they proceed down the ordering line. Choose your size and type of tortilla, your fillings from chicken, steak, veggies or a mix of rice and beans called “Maximum R & B” and toppings like sour cream, cheese and a variety of salsas, and your meal will be waiting for you before you reach the end of the queue.

Fish tacos are naturally a specialty of an establishment that is named after the Baja peninsula of Mexico, and these are well worth their vaunted reputation. Fried crispy with a squirt of lime and perhaps a topping of Baja Burrito’s pineapple salsa, the fish tacos are a perfect size for a meal that won’t leave you feeling too full. The same can’t be said for the burritos, which are definitely big enough to leave you pleasantly stuffed, or if you can possibly show some self-restraint, enough for another meal tomorrow.

722 Thompson Ln., Nashville, TN 37204
615-383-2252 • BajaBurrito.com

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