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4 Great BBQ Sandwiches

Nashville’s barbecue scene is literally smokin’ this summer. The only question you need to ask yourself is: brisket or pig?

Written By:  Erin Byers Murray

Photographers:  Amy Nicole Photography

The Tuck Special from Edley’s Bar-B-Que

A creation of chef Brett Tuck, it was created when Edley’s was first being built—it was a favorite of the construction crew who got to taste whatever Tuck was using to break in the smoker. The evolution has yielded a pimento-cheese topped brisket sandwich smothered in both red and white barbecue sauces, plus an over easy egg and pickles. Traditional? Nah. But you won’t mind after that first bite. ($8)
2706 12th Ave. S. (615) 953-2951; 908 Main St., East Nashville (615) 873-4085, edleysbbq.com


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