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Five Daughters Bakery

Five Daughters Bakery brings its multilayered pastries to 12 South.

Written By:  Nancy Vienneau

Photographers:  Ron Manville

When Isaac Meek started Five Daughters Bakery, it changed his life for the better. In late 2014, the musician-turned-accountant-turned–design firm CFO had reached a career crossroads. Raising four daughters, with their fifth on the way, he and his wife Stephanie realized that his corporate-driven profession no longer fit their lifestyle. Stephanie challenged him to consider an alternative. The answer? Bake.

As an artist but also a number cruncher, Meek found that the dual nature of baking suited him. Long ago, it had become his creative outlet at home, and while not formally trained, he had a real talent for it. You could say it’s in his blood: His great-grandfather ran a cake shop, and his grandfather owned a pizzeria.

Once Meek made the decision, one that Stephanie fully supported, things happened fast. He conceived a line of specialties that included organic chocolate cupcakes and cream- and jelly-filled donuts. Stephanie encouraged him to develop Paleo options. And ultimately, he mastered the cronut—an exquisite treat invented by New York–based French pastry chef Dominique Ansel that melds the buttery-yeasty layers of the croissant in a deep-fried donut shape. Meek’s version is just as crazy-good: Called the 100-layer donut, it’s filled, sugar-rolled, and glazed.

A year ago, Five Daughters Bakery was born as a pop-up in the Factory at Franklin. Demand for the pastries grew exponentially, and Five Daughters Bakery now operates in two brick-and-mortar locations: in the Factory at Franklin and a newly opened shop in 12 South. They offer the 100-layer in staple flavors like vanilla cream, milk chocolate sea salt, and maple glazed—daily, while they last. There are also specialty flavors, like cookies and cream, lemon blueberry, and brown butter chai, that change weekly. You can spot Meek’s pastries at all Barista Parlor locations, too, or place special orders online—it’s best to plan ahead since those decadent 100-layer treats take three days to make.

Factory in Franklin | 230 Franklin Rd., Franklin, TN 37064; 615-933-9332
12 South | 1110 Caruthers Ave, Nashville, TN;

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