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Family-Style Recipes from Porter Road Butcher and Burger Up

When the teams behind Porter Road Butcher and Burger Up gather, plenty of meat and family-style salads are on the menu.

Written By:  Erin Byers Murray

Photographers:  Danielle Atkins

In 2015, Chris Carter and James Peisker, co-owners of Porter Road Butcher (PRB), were getting a new processing facility off the ground in Kentucky, while also manning two locations of their butcher shop. Meanwhile, Burger Up was in the middle of conceiving its new space. Manager Brandon Ingle, who runs the east-side restaurant, started a conversation with Carter about working together. With its new processing facility, PRB was gearing up to start taking on wholesale clients.

Now owned by Community Hospitality (Prima, Josephine), Burger Up has been a vocal supporter of local purveyors, including Triple L Ranch, where they’ve sourced all of their beef since opening. But, when the group decided to expand to this new location, they knew that Triple L wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand—each restaurant goes through roughly 900 pounds of beef each week—so, they connected with PRB to help fill the gap.

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