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Butchery Fresh from Creation Gardens

A local food distributor expands to offer home cooks specialty cuts of meat, delivered overnight.

Written By:  Erin Byers Murray

Photographers:  Emilie Milcarek

If you’ve eaten at a Nashville restaurant, you’ve likely tasted the work of Creation Gardens. The food distributor—basically a go-between that offers thousands of different products, from produce to grass-fed and grain-finished beef, directly to restaurants every day—isn’t usually named on the menu or written on a chalkboard, but they work behind the scenes to provide top-notch ingredients to hundreds of area restaurants like Urban Grub and Pinewood Social. And, now, through a new division called Butchery Fresh, they’re bringing some of those same ingredients to home cooks.

In 2015, the Nashville-based food supplier acquired a family-owned, USDA-inspected butcher facility in Louisville, Kentucky, taking the produce company in a whole new direction. They now have the ability to source, process, and distribute high quality meats, and opening the retail division was a natural next step.

“We did this out of a desire to give home cooks the same quality that our chefs get,” director of marketing Ian Navarro says.

Through an online store, customers can select from a range of cuts, like Tomahawk rib eyes, pork chops or butts, and short rib-brisket burger blends. The selection reaches far beyond the commodity meat found at big-box grocery stores and includes Black Angus beef, USDA prime beef, and Berkshire pork—a selection that is precisely what so many chefs prefer. The product is shipped straight from the Kentucky facility overnight, meaning the order arrives fresh, not frozen. The meat is kept chilled with ice packs.

There is a $45 minimum per order; the prices on certain cuts are competitive with what you’ll find in a retail space. Not to mention, the quality matches what you find through an independent butcher—meaning there’s no reason not to order like a chef.

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