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Barista Parlor

This coffee shop in East Nashville offers up high-end roasts

Written By:  Valerie Hammond

Photographers:  Valerie Hammond & The Tennessean

Andy Mumma’s new coffeehouse off Gallatin Road in East Nashville is so meticulously constructed, hand crafted and full of local love it’s unbelievable. This sign was designed and hand painted by local artist and letterpress shop owner, Bryce McCloud of Isle of Printing.

Unveiled to most on May 4, Barista Parlor is now offering high-end roasts with service and style unlike anywhere else in the city. It needs to be put at the top of your must-visit (must fall in love with) list. Coffees include Madcap, Sightglass, Intelligentsia, Coava and Counter Culture. When the garage doors are up you'll find a fresh open space uncharacteristic of our typical, more intimate coffee shops. He’s taken the time to consider every element from introducing the region’s first Slayer Espresso machine to the reclaimed Tennessee black walnut shelves—all in a simple, maritime-inspired throwback style.

Click through the gallery to see all the local craftsmen and women who's talented work laid the foundation for Andy Mumma's great new spot on Gallatin Road.
519B Gallatin Ave., (615) 712-9766
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Artisans include:
Porter Road Butcher

The Bloomy Rind
Dozen Bakery
Foxy Baking
Sweet Betweens
imogene + willie
Southern Lights
Old Made Good (OMG)
Otis James
Emil Erwin
Holler Design
Bryce McCloud at Isle of Printing
Olive & Sinclair


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