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A Guide to Nashville’s 10 Best Cocktails

Whatever you’re drinking, Nashville’s bartenders have got just the tipple—from locally focused to high-octane.

Written By:  Erin Byers Murray, Kendall Mitchell Gemmill , Kristin Luna & Beth Sachan

Photographers:  Ron Manville

Something with a Shrub

Spiker and Sponge, Rolf & Daughters

Since its debut nearly two years ago, Rolf & Daughters has become known for its complex drinks paired with funny names, such as the Nothing Camparis 2 U and Cynarnold Schwarzenegger. But the Spiker and Sponge gets our order every time: A little bit tart―with a peach shrub, honey, and lemon finish―it might seem like a summery sip, but the Dickel Rye promises this is no girly drink. Jackalope IPA and Peychaud’s Bitters also help balance things out. $11
Rolf & Daughters — 700 Taylor St., 615-866-9897; rolfanddaughters.com

Feb 2015



Get the recipe in the February 2015 issue of Nashville Lifestyles!

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