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Fashionable Grand Opening

Barrett Ward and Minka Kelly

Nashville-based FashionABLE celebrated the VIP grand opening of its new flagship store. The event was co-hosted by CEO and founder Barrett Ward and actress and brand supporter Minka Kelly. The new location will serve as the company's headquarters and its first brick-and-mortar retail space.

Located in the Nations neighborhood, in the newly revamped Stocking 51, the FashionABLE flagship is 4,000-square feet, housing retail space with a ring bar, a curated leather bag wall, and a lounge area. In addition, customers can browse woven goods such as scarves and blankets, the full jewelry collection, and more, all created by women who have overcome. FashionABLE will also house select local favorite brands, including Ranger Station Candles and art prints by local artist Bekah Wertz. The remaining 3000-square feet will serve as office space for the company's 25 employees, jewelry production, and the fulfillment center. 

Photos by John Shearer/Getty Images.

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