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Shubuta and Other Stories


Julia Martin Gallery
444 Humphreys St | Get Directions

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Painter Noah Saterstrom relocated with his family to Nashville in the last year or so. His newest body of work bravely explores the well-documented history of a prominent slave owning family that inhabits a branch of his family tree. He a prolific, dedicated and inspiring painter.

Noah's first solo exhibition with us will include a selection of works by painter Samuel Dunson. Dunson is a prominent figure in Nashville's art community and a true painter's painter. Each artist handles material - both studio and ethological - in a way that speaks to the other. In this case, quite literally. This exhibition brings these two accomplished mid-career painters together to participate in groundbreaking visual dialogue. Samuel's piece, a direct response to Noah's "In Times of War", will be revealed on opening night along with a number of collaborative works on paper.



January, 11 @ 12:00 pm


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