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Life, Love & Marriage Chests


Frist Center for the Visual Arts
919 Broadway | Get Directions

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The Life, Love & Marriage Chests in Renaissance Italy exhibition explores and illustrates life, love, and marriage in Renaissance Florence. During the Renaissance, cassoni—elaborately decorated wedding chests—were an important part of marriage rituals and among the most prestigious furnishings in the house or palace of the newlyweds. Usually commissioned in twos, the chests were an expression of the family’s wealth and position in society. The tales and imagery represented on the lavish wood panels that decorated the chests offer insight into Renaissance life and society. The function, craftsmanship, decorative techniques, and the significance and sources of the imagery will also be discussed.  
Organized by Contemporanea Progetti with the Museo Stibbert and the Polo Museale della Toscana. The exhibit will be on display from November 16, 2018 to February 18, 2019 in the Upper-Level Galleries. Tickets are included with General Admission.


November, 16 @ 10:00 am

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