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Iroquois Steeplechase


Percy Warner Park
6921 Hwy 100 | Get Directions

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Iroquois Steeplechase

Iroquois Steeplechase has been Nashville’s rite of spring since 1941, attracting more than 25,000 spectators annually to watch the best horses and riders in the world race over hurdles and timber on a manicured turf track. Held the second Saturday of May at Percy Warner Park, this iconic sporting event is Music City’s annual celebration of time‐honored traditions, Tennessee hospitality, and Southern fashion.

>>> Steeplechase Hat Contest
>>> STeeplechase Tailgate Giveaway


Guests enjoy areas for families, well‐appointed tents, and individually organized tailgates, where the emphasis is on race-day pickings, larger‐than‐life hats, liquid libations, and crowd‐pleasing recipes.


May, 12 @ 8:00 am

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