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Highlights of Art History


Frist Center for the Visual Arts
919 Broadway | Get Directions

(615) 244-3340
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Event Description

This three-part class introduces participants to the visual language of Western art through an examination of Greek and Roman, Renaissance, and Impressionist artworks.

This is an opportunity to learn more about art history with our Curator of Interpretation, Anne Taylor. This short course helps visitors who approach an artwork and see an object of beauty, but are not sure how to understand the work in the larger cultural, political, economic, and social context in which that work was created.

Participants will:
Gain a basic understanding of Western European art history linked to historical events, scientific and cultural trends, and literature; Become familiar with key works of art, their artists, styles, and materials; Acquire a working knowledge of the vocabulary used in art history; Enhance visual literacy and critical thinking skills.

This will be on Janurary 23 & 30 and February 6.




January, 23 @ 6:30 pm


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