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Cracking Art: at Cheekwood


Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art
1200 Forrect Park Dr | Get Directions

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Event Description

This summer, Cracking Art, a Milan, Italy-based artist collective, will collaborate with Cheekwood to present site-specific installations in Cheekwood’s galleries and gardens, playfully arranging meerkats, bears, crocodiles, birds and other animals in whimsical and surprising places.

Cracking Art is a Milan, Italy-based artist collective born out of the intention to radically change the history of art by investigating the relationship between natural and artificial reality. By using 100% recycled plastic materials, Cracking Art creates site-specific installations using large-scale, natural animal forms made of synthetic materials, playfully arranging meerkats, bears, crocodiles, birds, and other animals in surprising invasions of familiar landscapes. The artists of Cracking Art will collaborate with Cheekwood to share a truly unique and extraordinary visual experience this summer.



June, 16 @ 1:00 am

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