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Art: May I Have Nothing


David Lusk Gallery
516 Hagan St. | Get Directions

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Event Description

David Lusk Gallery Nashville presents three solo shows this January. Memphis-based mixed media artists Tim Crowder and Don Estes and Kentucky-based artist Derrick Meads bring work to the space that is energetic and thought provoking.

May I Have Nothing features small blocks of rich, glossy cherry wood coated with a matte white finish and carved text. From edge to edge, Meads covers the front surface with tiny blessings. The taught and compact angular inscriptions intensely involve the viewer. Of his work, Meads says “I am continually inspired by people who live lives of prayer, who practice relentlessly for the sake of others. Saints, hermits and poets animate my hands to carve thousands of prayers into blocks of cherry over and over again.”

This exhibit runs from January 3-27.



January, 3 @ 11:00 am


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