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Art: Making Friends


David Lusk Gallery
516 Hagan St. | Get Directions

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Event Description

David Lusk Gallery Nashville presents three solo shows this January. Memphis-based mixed media artists Tim Crowder and Don Estes and Kentucky-based artist Derrick Meads bring work to the space that is energetic and thought provoking.
Making Friends is similar to Crowder’s previous shows and abides by no rules, illustrating the artist’s imagination and wit. Crowder creates work that impersonates the recognizable, operating as a symbol for our own expectations. Those expectations often are challenged by Crowder’s ability to transform the familiar and every day into something we don’t quite recognize. Layers of irony and whimsy reveal the artist’s trademark dualism that is both cynical and imaginative, inviting viewers into a world of humorous complexity.
The exhibit runs from January 3- 27.



January, 3 @ 11:00 am


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