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Visit Tupelo, MS

The power of possibility is yours on a weekend trip to Tupelo, Mississippi.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Supplied

Elvis Homecoming Statue
Photo courtesy of Molly Lincoln, @mollylinc

Tupelo, Mississippi is an upbeat, happy city where people believe they can accomplish anything. Situated in the heart of the Americana Music Triangle, no music pilgrimage is complete without a visit to the birthplace of the boy who would be king.

Travelers to the city can experience the first part of Elvis’ incredible story by visiting the birthplace where he took his first breath, the church where he sang his first song, and the hardware store where he strummed his first guitar.

The brand new Tupelo Visitors Center is the perfect starting point for a trip to the city where anything is possible. From interactive exhibits that highlight Tupelo’s top attractions and a collective timeline of the city’s rich history, to displays focused on Elvis’ childhood in Tupelo as told like never before, the Tupelo Visitors Center will fully prepare visitors for exploring this unique, southern town.

The power of possibility is yours on a weekend trip to Tupelo. Whether your family is looking for its next great adventure or the girls just need some time away, Tupelo’s unique attractions, restaurants, accommodating hotels, and shopping districts make it the perfect weekend getaway destination. Visit tupelo.net to create your custom Tupelo itinerary or experience one of the many preset itineraries under the ‘Explore’ tab. Still have questions? Visit the ‘Ask-A-Local’ page to get a local’s perspective on how to discover the best of Tupelo.

Getting to Tupelo can be just as much fun as exploring the birthplace of the king. The Natchez Trace Parkway specializes in picturesque views, inviting visitors to explore this scenic byway 8,000 years in the making. Those in a hurry to visit the “Center of Positivity” can hop on a Contour Airlines flight at Nashville International Airport and be sitting on Elvis’ front porch swing in just 45 minutes.

The town that enabled Elvis to dream big still embodies that same contagious optimism that put him on a path to stardom, and today, it beckons visitors to imagine what you can do here!

To learn more about Tupelo, MS and start planning your trip, visit tupelo.net!

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