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Video Premiere: Drew & Ellie Holcomb’s “Harmony”

See Drew & Ellie Holcomb perform “Harmony,” a song they’ll likely never record.

Written By:  Anna Kate Read

Photographers:  Ashtin Paige

During a secret show with Lyft at Nashville Urban Winery last month, Drew & Ellie Holcomb filmed a performance of their song, “Harmony,” which they’ll likely never record. Watch it below, and hear from the duo on how they channel their creative differences.

Nashville Lifestyles (NL): Drew, why don’t you like singing harmonies?

Drew: This isn’t something a musician would normally confess, especially in a town like Nashville, but I don’t like singing harmonies because I am not very good at them. Harmony just doesn’t come naturally to me, so when someone tries to get me to sing a specific harmony and follows it up with a phrase like, “It’s easy,” it just makes me feel frustrated and lonely—ha! I started writing this song after a very similar moment with Ellie, and instead of getting mad, I channeled that energy into this funny song.

NL: How do you work through creative differences like that in singing and songwriting?

Ellie: Instead of just tolerating our differences, we’ve actually started to appreciate and learn from each other’s creative approach. I’m learning that there is power in the creative tension if you can learn to channel it with respect and love.

Follow along with Drew @drewholcombmusic and Ellie @ellieholcomb.

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