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Video Premiere: Abigail Rose’s “The Risk”

Nashville native Abigail Rose debuts her first official music video for “The Risk.”

Written By:  Anna Kate Read

Photographers:  Jasmine Archie

Abigail Rose is spearheading the pop movement coming out of Nashville. Her sound is sonic gold, mixing pop and hip-hop influences with a rich voice—one that carries deep lyricism and haunting melodies. Here, she debuts her first official music video for her single, “The Risk,” and gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Nashville Lifestyles (NL): This is your first official music video. What was your vision, and what went into the creative process?

Abigail Rose (AR): The visual side of my music is just another avenue for me to express myself, one that I feel so passionate about, so I’m really excited I finally got to bring a vision for my song to life. Mainly, what I saw was a very exaggerated and over-the-top version of real life. It’s set in rooms that would be in a house, like a bedroom and a living room, except it’s all very dreamy and perfect. I call it my utopian dreamland.

The creative process was basically Evan Moore, director and videographer, and I just sitting down and sharing ideas back and forth. Eventually, we started piecing all the ideas together and started to figure out how to make it flow and come to life!

NL: Tell us about your single, “The Risk.” Songwriting, singing, recording, inspiration, etc.

AR: “The Risk” came to existence very naturally. Tyler Murray (my co-writer and producer) and I had the lyrics and main parts of production finished in under three hours. It’s like my mind was begging me to write this song concept, so when I finally did, it happened so quickly and felt so right.

I use songwriting to process emotions I’m going through. The feeling of being emotionally vulnerable with someone was new to me, and I needed to write to help me understand what I was going through. I believe the best relationships are when you really open up with someone and let them in, even if it’s scary and you could end up hurt. Ultimately, it’s worth the risk.

NL: How does it feel to be producing pop music in a city better known for country?

AR: Amazing! Being from Nashville originally, it’s already very exciting seeing this town grow in so many ways, but especially in the diversity of music that’s coming out of here now. Yes, it’s still better known for country, but I don’t think that’ll be forever. This city is getting bigger every day, and I know there’s plenty of room for country, pop, rock, and any other genre, too.

For more pop goodness from Abigail Rose, follow along @theabigailrose.

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