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Florida’s 30A—aka Nashville’s Beach

As we swing into prime beach-going season, here’s a look at all that’s new, plus the tried-and-true, along Florida’s 30A—also known as Nashville’s beach.

Spending 48 Hours in Chicago, IL

Chicago’s architecture, art, and green spaces galore make the Windy City one of the most visited spots in the country—and one that continually blows guests away.

Spending 36 Hours in Birmingham, AL

Clocking in at just less than three hours, the drive to Birmingham from Nashville feels like a breeze—especially when you can knock off work a few hours early to beat rush-hour traffic out of Williamson County.

Spending 72 Hours in Charleston, SC

Few Southern cities beckon so strongly as this coastal South Carolina gem. From the shopping and history, to the restaurants, bars, and festivals, there’s no shortage of ways to fill your time.

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