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Travel: Lynnville, TN

No better time to press pause than with a quick day drive in Tennessee.

Written By:  Kristin Luna

Photographers:  Cameron Powell & Supplied

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Lynnville, TN

Distance: 65 miles

Why you’re going: Artisan leather goods

What you’re doing: Col. Littleton has become a well-known name throughout the state’s growing maker community, but the man—and the brand—actually hails from Lynnville, population 327, in Giles County. Focusing on quality leather products, including briefcases, belts, wallets, and hats, Col. Littleton has two shops on the main drag: one with a traditional line of goods and the newer Private Stock Store, which features more exotic items, like a bag made from American alligator or a one-of-a-kind pair of vintage cufflinks.

Lest you think poking around the colonel’s duet of shops is all there is to do in this town, think again. There’s also Whitehorse Trading Company, an antique shop with a deli and a coffee bar, as well as the Lynnville Railroad Museum, a reproduction of an old trail depot that pays homage to the golden days of rail travel. Those looking for something to wet their whistle can head to Tenn South Distillery, which makes a variety of small-batch spirits like Abernathy Gin, Black Mule Vodka, and Blackberry Shine and is open for tours and tastings Monday through Saturday.

After you’ve loaded up on leather, history, and booze, make your way to Soda Pop Junction, established in 1860, for their award-winning burger and an old-fashioned malt. If you’re visiting on Sunday, Soda Pop Junction’s $7.99 country buffet spread—with Southern fried chicken, country fried steak, salmon patties, breaded okra, fried squash, strawberry cake, banana pudding, and cobblers of all kind—is a no-brainer. Note: The majority of other Lynnville businesses are only open Tuesday through Saturday, so bear that in mind when planning your afternoon escape.

July 2015


More daytime destinations in the July issue of Nashville Lifestyles!



More daytime destinations in the July issue of Nashville Lifestyles! - See more at: http://nashvillelifestyles.com/entertainment/travel-lynchburg-tn#sthash.KMSGsZ7U.dpuf

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