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Top 20 Musicians to Watch

These rising stars in Nashville will soon be household names, get the scoop on who to hear now.

Written By:  Valerie Hammond

Photographers:  Various

Wild Cub

Genre: Synth-pop
Latest Album: Youth, 2012
Accomplished film composer and singer/songwriter Keegan DeWitt joined forces with the musical man-about-town, Jeremy Bullock, to form Wild Cub. Prepare yourself for more electronic, rhythmic sensibilities than the smooth acoustic sounds you've come to expect from Keegan's solo albums. Their music videos are works of art in their own right, being premiered on IFC.com and Spin Magazine.
Sounds like: M83 + early U2
Start with: "Thunder Clatter"
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There are more than 20 you should be watching — listen to them on our New, Upcoming Nashville Artists playlist.

Listen now to the Top 20 to Watch playlist; tell us what you like best!

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