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The grass is greener at Westhaven Golf Club

Groundskeepers undertook the challenge of entirely replacing the greens from Bermuda to Bent grasses.

Written By:  Chris Chamberlain

Photographers:  Supplied

As difficult as it is to grow a decent lawn in Nashville’s summer heat, can you imagine trying to replace an entire golf course over the course of June and July? Well, that’s exactly the task that the staff at Westhaven Golf Club in Franklin undertook after last winter’s difficult growing season led to some spotty patches on the course. Groundkeepers intentionally killed all the Bermuda fairways in late May and replaced them with Zoysia while installing new Bent grass greens in time to reopen the entire course in September.

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The result of their efforts is a lovely track that offers a nice contrast between fairway and rough and challenging putting opportunities for golfers of all abilities. A variety of tee box locations on each hole allows long hitters to play along with those of us who might be a bit more “distance-challenged,” and modern GPS-equipped golf carts help with accurate yardages to the pin and even let you order a hamburger to pick up at the turn.

4000 Golf Club Ln., Franklin, TN 37064; 615-224-2990; golfwesthaven.com

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