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The Attic Sessions

War Memorial Auditorium takes music to the rafters.

Written By:  Jodie Borchert

Photographers:  Various

Storage closet turned music venue? That's so Nashville. These "Attic Sessions" are snapshot shows reminiscent of the enchanting work you'd see at La Blogotheque. These intimate, 15-minute documentary-style performances are held in a bungalow tucked above War Memorial Auditorium.

Providing an escape for talented artists and a new outlook for their audience, its unrefined arena allows musicians to sit at the Jack Daniels bar, have a glass of Tennessee’s finest and articulate their thoughts on life, liberty and the pursuit of good music.


Artists from around the world come to The Attic Lounge to tell their stories. Past musicians include Ontario-natives, Silverstein and Arkansas’ Waylon-look alike, Adam Faucett. The attic isn’t shy to Nashville-natives either; voices such as Jacob Jones, Rayland Baxter and Chancellor Warhol have graced the rustic walls. “We’ve never had someone say no,” Media Manger for TPAC, Robert Livings informs. All of the sounds are unique to their performer, but one thing that remains constant is the show’s ability to capture the heart behind the lyrics.

Anderson East was the guest of honor for my trip to the attic, and the blend of his eclectic style and honest lyrics made it impossible to peel your ears away. Then we wandered down to War Memorial’s echoing auditorium for the grand finale. As Anderson strummed along with the deep sounds of his cello player the venue illuminated with string sounds rebounding from the brilliant art deco inlays of the auditorium’s ceiling. The experience was truly one-of-a-kind. You have to check it out for yourself at theatticsessions.com.

An Attic Extra

Keegan DeWitt graces the Attic playing, "Say La La."


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