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10 Questions with Thomas Rhett

We caught up with country music artist Thomas Rhett to ask about his new record, favorite spots in Nashville, and what he does when he’s not on the road.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Supplied


5 More Questions with Rhett:

NL: You've been in Nashville for awhile, how would you describe it to someone who's never been here?
TR: If you're going to come to Nashville with no agenda, I would tell you to you gotta go downtown and be on Broadway or see 2nd Avenue and the river right there. Go out to Opryland, see a Grand Ole Opry show; hop on the General Jackson ferryboat ride [...] You can see a band play at anytime of the day ... at the airport! At Tootsie's at the airport or Tootsie's on Broadway [...] They don't call it Music City for no reason, I mean everywhere you go there's some sort of music being played all around Nashville.

NL: Where is your favorite venue to see a show?
TR: When you're seeing a huge band play in Nashville I like seeing them play at Bridgestone or at the Ryman. I got to play at the Ryman this past year with Chris Young and that was pretty awesome. That's one of those historic joints. As far as smaller venues, Exit In is a classic joint to play in Nashville... Marathon... there's a lot of great places to see shows. But Bridgestone and the Ryman are two of my favorite places.  

NL: What are some of your favorite Nashville spots?
TR: Well, I live on the west side of town so Music Row is pretty close to me...West End is close. When I go over towards the row and on Division Street, I like to go into the Gulch and I like eating sushi at Ru Sans. There's this steak house that I just ate at for the first time the other day called Kayne Prime and it is like the best steak I've ever had in my entire life.

As far as things to do, I'll go into the Green Hills area and go to the movie theatre. Every time I'm in town me and my wife will go see, if not one movie, we'll see two or three when I'm at home. Both of our families live on the north side of town so when I'm home, we'll go to our family's and eat dinner and all that kind of mess. Pretty normal. Just trying to do normal things and see new restaurants. When I come home I'm not really a big fan of going out and doing stuff. I feel like my job is staying out late and hanging out at parties, so when I get home I just like to chill on the couch and watch TV and, ya know, drink a beer.

NL: Who is a songwriter who has influenced you and has somehow inspired you on this album?
TR: I can't really name just one songwriter. My dad wrote five songs on the record, some with me, some without. Jimmy Robbins, the Warren Brothers, Luke Laird. I can't really name one person because there are so many different songwriters that have influenced me and kind of shaped me into the songwriter I am. Definitely those names helped shape this record and made it what it is.

NL: Lightning Round! Bridgestone or Ryman?
TR: Ryman

NL: Patterson House or Holland House?
TR: Holland House

NL: Titans or Predators?
TR: Titans

NL: Arnold's or Copper Kettle?
TR: Copper Kettle


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