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Redo Home Project Inside The Governor's Club

A Brentwood couple enlists the help of Redo’s Lori Paranjape to design this Governors Club estate.

Written By:  Suzanne Corey

Photographers:  Shannon Fontaine

Earlier this year, Lori Paranjape, owner of Redo Home and Design in Franklin, had just wrapped up one of the most satisfying projects of her career—a home inside The Governors Club, a gated country club community in Brentwood, for Jami and Michael Kaplan—when she got a surprising call from the owners.

Over the phone, Jami informed her that they were going to sell the home that Paranjape had just finished working on, after living there for only a few months. They were starting over by building a brand new house from the ground up, in a new location, she explained.

The 5,500-square-foot, five-bedroom, six-bath home is a fresh, crisp version of traditional. Every inch has wow factor, but taking center stage in the home are the glamorous light fixtures. They are big, bold, and beautiful; Paranjape calls them the “Jimmy Choo” of the home. (Her firm prides itself on what she calls the “Target dress with Jimmy Choo shoes” effect—meaning she pairs high-end items next to low-end ones and dares you to figure out which is which.)

There’s no place where this is more evident than in the library, which happens to be Jami’s favorite room.

“I wanted a room in the house where I could sit and look and say, ‘This is pretty,’” she explains.

“I had to have a big open room,” says Jami as she sits on the couch in the airy living space off the kitchen. The couple has two children, ages one and two, and the family spends the majority of their time in this room. “These cabinets are full of toys and books, and they all come out at night,” says Jami. “I like [things to be] organized and clean and together, but if I had to worry about the kids messing things up all the time, my hair would fall out. When a [toy car] has made 100 trips around this wood floor and you can’t tell, we did something right.”

But back to that surprising phone call. When the subject of selling came up several months after the couple moved in, Michael had to convince Jami. “Everything went so well with our builder that when an opportunity came our way to be closer to my parents, we figured we could make it work,” he explains. The builder, it turned out, had just one lot left in a new development, and the Kaplans knew they needed to act on it sooner rather than later. The foundation for the new home was laid in April.

Jami and Paranjape couldn’t be happier. Their chemistry comes easily, and they even joke that sometimes they feel as if the Governors Club home is theirs and Michael just lives there. When asked what they’ll do differently in the new build, Paranjape and Jami have a hard time coming up with anything. They agree that they will essentially re-create what was perfect, and the rest will just be fine-tuning. For Paranjape, the house is “tip to tail spectacular” and to be able to do it again with the Kaplan family feels like a fantasy.


Art by local artist Kaaren Engel

Furniture from Nashville Flea Market
625 Smith Ave. — nashvilleexpocenter.org

Window treatments by Camille Moore Window Treatments & Custom Bedding
615-599-0995 — camillemoore.com

Décor and select furniture by Redo Home and Design
300 Public Sq., Franklin; 615-790-3989 — redoyourhouse.com

Custom cabinetry by Opus Luxury Cabinets
7101 Sharondale Ct., Brentwood; 615-953-6276

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