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Quick Fix on a Traditional Belle Meade Home

With a tight window of time, a team of designers makes over a traditional Belle Meade home.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Lindsey Grace Whiddon

When Amanda Gluck, founder of The Fashionable Hostess, decided to move her family to Nashville, Tennessee she had three months to transform a traditional Belle Meade home into something fresh and contemporary. The influential style and entertaining entrepreneur knew she wanted to make the space more personal for her family by adding modern touches and incorporating her own sense of style.

“I decorated my New York apartment, and it was such a success that it was featured on [several blogs],” Gluck says. “But I knew decorating a house would be a whole new adventure.

She enlisted the help of Nashville’s Wills Company and Miami-based designer Charlotte Dunagan. “Light, white, and contemporary style within the highly traditional architecture of the house was the initial look,” says Ridley Wills of Wills Company. Together, he and Dunagan, with Gluck’s guidance, worked to transform each and every room of the house into something new and fresh.

“I had a vision from the time we saw the house—as soon as we could, I had my designer meet the Wills team to start devising a plan,” Gluck says. “We stuck to fabrics that were in stock and worked with local vendors. I have pretty quick instinct when it comes to making decisions, which helped us fly through devising plans.” Although the team knew they had to work on a tight deadline, they decided from early on to not cut any corners in favor of saving time.

“All hands were on deck,” Wills says. Having been in the business for 26 years, he adds, “we leveraged our relationships in order to achieve a tight deadline.” And they were able to add complex touches, such as retrofitting carpentry, new millwork, and beautiful granite countertops. Wills Company and their award-winning handyman team worked day and night to get the house together—and the stunning transformation came together just in time for her family to move in.

“The fact that Amanda had a clear sense of style was tremendously helpful,” says Wills. “It all came together beautifully.”

— Sarah Rowland

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