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Low Country-style manor in Oak Hill

A look at Frank and Jessica Rogers' renovated Oak Hill home.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Shannon Fontaine

The only thing that has remained untouched at this Oak Hill estate may be the numbers on the mailbox. Now a Low Country-style manor, the residence was originally built as a Cape Cod and was half its current size. Acclaimed songwriter and producer Frank Rogers and his wife (and business manager) Jessica purchased the home nearly ten years ago and since then, it’s been through five renovations to meet the family’s evolving lifestyle.

“We wanted a house that felt like us,” says Jessica. “We didn’t like formality so we knew we would have to renovate or build.”

Just after moving in, they renovated the kitchen. Jessica knew moving in that it wasn’t quite perfect—and the project led her to discover a passion for decorating and remodeling. Soon after, they completed a gut and remodel to open up the new kitchen and living areas. Later, as the family's needs changed so did the house: a larger dining room was added with a fireplace and custom chandeliers, along with a whole new kitchen, much sleeker and better suited for entertaining. Unique touches include a custom backsplash with glass panes to keep an eye on whatever is happening outdoors while preparing meals.

During the remodel, the house was added on to from every angle: both sides, top, back, and front. This opportunity gave the Rogers a blank slate, meaning they could bring their leisurely style to Nashville. “We wanted a reflection of the coastal lifestyle that we enjoy at our beach house,” says Jessica, who hired architect, Fleming Smith to bring that Low Country appeal to Oak Hill. “The biggest compliment we get is how homey our house is,” she adds. And it’s true: The first thing you notice is the deep front porch, spanning the width of the home, perfect for enjoying the sunset with a vintage wine from the couple’s new cellar. To bring outdoor elements indoors, the design incorporates multiple porches, gardens, and patios—one of the best spots is right off the master suite looking out at the pool. “We love the privacy of the hills here,” says Jessica, noting that the juxtaposition to this beach-inspired home only enhances the Low Country architectural style.

Besides feeling like a retreat, the design is functional and organized. The term "home office" is brought to a new level at the Rogers' residence. Jessica’s specially made desk hides any unsightly electrical cords, and there’s not a filing cabinet in view (note the labeled baskets to keep everything organized). Every detail was considered to make the most of the area; personal organizer Lisa York created the labels and counted and measured every inch of the office to maximize the space. Other unique touches include a scarf closet, hidden behind a mirror accessed by just a touch. “I tried to make smart use of the space,” says Jessica, adding: “Frank’s cd collection is hidden as well.” It’s unnoticeable behind a wall.

What is not hidden is the guitar collection, organized and displayed like artwork. There is a cool factor throughout the space, in fact. Besides the combination of beach and music motifs, there are a number of specialty finishes. For instance, a staircase is lit at night from tiny holes within the steps, so it appears you are walking on the stars.

Recently, the couple added a musician’s paradise, which is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of Music Row. It allows the Rogers to entertain effortlessly, whether it be close friends and family, or one of the many artists who drop in. The multi-functional haven can accommodate a few writers penning the next big hit, a wine dinner with a themed collection in the beautiful cellar or an overnight guest. The hillside privacy of the yard completes the space with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, hilltop fire pit, and of course, the pool with its well-appointed covered dining area.


Interior Designer: Patricia Parrot; dwell-nashville.com
Architect: Fleming Smith; smithgeestudio.com
Personal Organizer: Lisa York, PUKA, LLC; pukaorganizing.com
Tile: Mission Tile; missionstonetile.com


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