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Interior Inspiration with Designer Laret Casella

Interior expert behind the Twelve Twelve owners lounge in the Gulch.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Various

Photos by Zach Goodyear and Hatcher & Fell Photography

The most rewarding aspect of being given the responsibility to design the owners lounge for the Twelve Twelve building was being able to create a space that would provide a sense of community for the project.

The lounge creates a shared space, which serves as an extension to the living rooms of each of the residents. It encourages interaction among the dwellers to formulate bonding between the residents and strengthens their sense of community. Although the room is large, the selection, placement, and design of the various seating groups allows for both intimate gatherings as well as throngs of people to co-use the space comfortably.

Quality, neutral-colored materials were selected to create a rich, warm palette with the goal of providing a place that is both modern and inviting. In addition, the large expanse of windows with views of the city’s surrounding urban core pulls the eye outward and connects the residents to their greater Nashville community. Ultimately the design of the room will enhance the quality of life of the dwellers of the building.

— Laret Casella, Casella Interiors

At Home 2015


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