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How to Fest from 3 Pilgrimage Experts

The third annual Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival will include more of what makes the festival a Nashville, and national, favorite.

Written By:  Jenna Butz

Photographers:  The Tennessean & Supplied

This year’s Pilgrimage Festival lineup is bigger than ever, especially with industry giants Justin Timberlake, Eddie Vedder, Ryan Adams, and The Avett Brothers on the bill, along with plenty of Southern up-and-comers. To accommodate the growing festival, which takes place September 23 and 24, Pilgrimage will expand to the Harlinsdale Farm’s South Paddock. This space will host food trucks and preserve the festival’s relaxed atmosphere.

Pilgrimage also commissioned Functional Forms out of Portland, Oregon, to design four sun shades that are just as much art as a spot to cool off. And, there's the addition of the Americana Music Triangle Experience, which celebrates the musical heritage of the Deep South. Cities from around the region will set up booths, host interactive activities, and create an intimate listening experience.

With so many changes, there’s plenty to look forward to—we asked a few influencers and musicians to share what they’re most excited about for 2017.

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Kevin G
Kevin Griffin, Pilgrimage Festival co-founder

“I gotta say: Justin Timberlake. His show is so nuts, and he’s got some tricks up his sleeve for Pilgrimage that I’m excited to see. I’ve never seen Marty Stuart, a Nashville legend … I’ve never seen The Avett Brothers live, and it’s been probably five years since I’ve seen Ryan Adams. And they’ve all released new music that I love. I’m going to be just as much of a fan of this lineup as people going to the show.”

Ruby A
Ruby Amanfu, Pilgrimage Festival artist

“My past experiences on stage at Pilgrimage thus far have only included being a guest artist (on Weezer's set during the festival's first year) or watching friends' performances from the side stage. The Pilgrimage audience really gives back as much as they get. To have the opportunity to experience the crowd's energy full-on this year with my own music is going to feel all kinds of amazing.”

Ken Moore, Mayor of Franklin

Franklin is known for family-friendly festivals. The Pilgrimage Festival, now in its third year, is another great family oriented event in Franklin. It continues to grow and offer great quality music and cultural opportunities. It is a special opportunity to highlight Franklin and our central park, Harlinsdale Farm.”


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