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Home in Printer's Alley

A stunning downtown redesign brings to life a couple’s theatrical fixation.

Written By:  Lily Clayton Hansen

Photographers:  Shannon Fontaine

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming “Follow The Yellow Brick Road” while treading the cobblestone walkway up to Melody Malloy and Gary Bowie’s late-19th century home. The forward-thinking couple met at Malloy’s former 12 South men’s boutique Bloke. Bowie, who owns window and door manufacturer representative G. Bowie and Associates, was a customer. The two have remained an integral part of downtown’s residential renaissance ever since; they convert loft apartments into vacation rentals for those seeking a homier alternative to the conventional hotel. Their Printer’s Alley purchase was designed by family friend, David Wisnievitz, a retired film producer who goes by “The Wiz” and whose 35-year career includes gems like Training Day and Selena. Inside you glimpse the couple’s affinity for the fantastical and theatrical—a costume closets, spotlights, and conversation-sparking pieces. Mighty Mouse and a battery-operated Land Before Time-like triceratops are two of the junk shop-recovered finds that eloquently convey Malloy’s affinity for the oddball.

When they stumbled upon this three-story hideaway, located steps away from the honky tonks of Lower Broad, the former Belle Meade residents were immediately drawn to the neighborhood’s mover-and-shaker mentality and speed-dialed Wisnievitz to revamp the new residence. “I hadn’t even thought about living downtown until I saw this building and I told my husband I have to have this, I have to live here. I’m a big energy person and I’m just drawn to this building,” says Malloy.

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Nashville Glass: interior glass work: mirrors, shower doors; nashvilleglass.net
Tony Pearson of Classic Cabinets: custom cabinetry; classiccabinetsusa.com
Arturo O’ Connor of Nashville Natural Stone and Tile: stone countertops; naturalstoneandtilenash.blogspot.com
Macon Kimbrough: Venetian plaster and special painting throughout; maconkimbrough.com
Mike Betts of All American Hardwood: flooring; aahinet.com
David Wisnievitz: interior, sound, lighting
Brenan Sharp: original artwork; artbybrenan.com
Kathy Anderson, Lindsay Hunter with Anderson Design Studio: interior; andersondesignstudio.com
Traditions in Tile: tile and stonework; traditionsintile.com

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