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Exclusive Q&A with Wicked’s Ginna Claire Mason

It’s a full-circle moment for Brentwood native Ginna Claire Mason, who returns to TPAC as Glinda in the national tour of Wicked.

Written By:  Anna Kate Read

Photographers:  Joan Marcus

Photos courtesy of TPAC

Nashville Lifestyles (NL): Tell us about growing up in Brentwood and what it means to be back in town, performing at Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Ginna Claire Mason (GCM): Brentwood is a beautiful city! After living in New York City for a few years, I have a greater appreciation for the large backyards, spacious farmlands, and rolling hills. I love being home! I’ve received such a warm welcome from friends, family, and former teachers. It is very special having these loved ones come to the show at TPAC—their support means the world to me. This is also my first opportunity to tour through my hometown! The chance to perform my dream role here where I grew up seeing shows is a full circle moment for me.

NL: You play Glinda the Good Witch in the national tour of Wicked. Do you and your character have anything in common?

GCM: Glinda is such a dynamic character, and being able to take the journey through her transformative arc in the story every night is a gift! I’m fortunate that I get to bring a lot of myself to the role. My goal is to communicate her perkiness and humor, while maintaining the honesty and sincerity that’s so crucial to the development of the character.

NL: Describe what it’s like to make your entrance every night via Bubble.

GCM: Every night when I am about to make my entrance, I wiggle my toes in my shoes to feel grounded and say a prayer. Then, I take a moment to get into the headspace of our favorite bubble girl, remembering what has just happened in the story, and the task ahead of her. The device begins to descend and the bubble machines begin to whir. Then it’s time to avoid eating any bubbles and to greet the adoring Ozians!

NL: Tell us about your trajectory from Brentwood to Broadway. How did this role come about?

GCM: I grew up singing at Franklin Brentwood Arts Academy and dancing at Franklin School of Performing Arts. I did community theatre shows at Starbright Children’s Theatre and took part in school shows. Once in high school, I became more serious in my studies with private acting classes with Allison Allen and opera voice lessons with Tracy Prentice, who is an adjunct professor at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University. Allison really helped prepare me to audition for collegiate musical theatre programs. I am so fortunate I was accepted to Elon University’s BFA program and spent four years studying there. I performed professionally every summer at regional theatres around the country.

Spring of my senior year, I auditioned for New York casting directors and agents and landed a contract with my current agency, DGRW, Inc. I moved to New York a month after college and started auditioning.

From there, I did the national tour of Flashdance and then Newsies. Next, I did Duck Commander Family Musical in Vegas, followed by landing my dream role as the Glinda standby on Broadway. After 16 months on Broadway, I auditioned to take over the role full time on the national tour of Wicked, where I have been for over a year now.

This summer, I wrap up my touring contract and return home to NYC! I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and living with my loving and supportive husband again.

NL: Do you have any bucket list items to do or see while you’re home?

GCM: So many things! I want to go play at Crockett Park and eat a chicken salad sandwich at Puffy Muffin! I hope to drop by my Alma Mater, Brentwood Academy, and visit my local Sonic drive-in. I can’t wait to explore downtown Franklin and pop in my favorite little boutiques and Frothy Monkey. Also, you’ll definitely find me shopping at my favorite store in Nashville, Duet!

Follow Ginna Claire’s journey as Glinda @ginnaclaire. For tickets and more information on Wicked, visit tpac.org!

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