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Exclusive Q&A with The Bodyguard's Deborah Cox

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Supplied

When you're trying to recreate the magic of Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard performance, none other than Grammy® nominated, multi-platinum R&B/Pop recording artist, and film/TV actress Deborah Cox will fit the bill. Show-goers may be familiar with her lead role in the Broadway debut of Elton John and Tim Rice’s,“Aida,” her platinum-selling debut album, and collaborations with Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Josh Groban, among others. During its one-week run (March 21-26, 2017), Cox stars in the movie turned musical at TPAC's Andrew Jackson Hall—currently on its first US tour. We spoke with Cox who plays superstar Rachel Marron to discuss the tour, the legendary songs, and what’s next for her.

NL: Congratulations on the tour! What has the experience been like so far?
Deborah Cox (DC): Thanks! So far so good. We've sold out runs in these cities and people have been spreading the word about how much they enjoy the show.

NL: Do you have a favorite song in the show?
DC: It's hard because the songs serve different purposes in this show. I love "All The Man That I Need" because it has different layers to it. I get to go from telling the story of someone in love in a tender moment to then rippin' it in the studio!

NL: How do you approach singing these legendary songs while still having your own creative take on them?
DC: I just stay present and in the moment. That's the only way to keep the moment authentic, real.

NL: In bringing this iconic character to the stage for the very first US tour, what are you hoping to convey to audience members and especially to those who have never seen the film?
DC: It's always a pleasure to hear when people see the show for the first time. They connect so much to it, it's almost an obsession! They fall for the characters and they adore the music. I feel privileged to be able to bring this version to a whole new generation.

NL: You have already achieved so much--(acclaimed albums, Grammy noms, hit musical tour)—what is next for you?
DC: More music. After so many requests, we'll be releasing an EP of the songs from the show Deborah Sings The Bodyguard. It will be available in the coming weeks both online and at the theaters!

Get your tickets to see The Bodyguard, March 21-26, 2017 at TPAC's Andrew Jackson Hall.


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