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Exclusive Q&A with Hillary Scott

of Lady Antebellum

Written By:  Andrea Lucado

Photographers:  Joseph Llanes

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum releases her first solo album this month, Love Remains. We sat down with Scott to ask more about the album and her life in Nashville.

Nashville Lifestyles (NL): What is your favorite song off the album to sing?

Hillary Scott (HS): Oh gosh. I think “Love Remains.” I mean, I love “Thy Will” for a whole long list of reasons, but being able to sing a song that includes my entire family and having them break out and lead and singing together. That one.

NL: What do you do to keep your voice limber and healthy?

HS: If I’m feeling a little under the weather, I try to just not talk a lot. I’ll tell you what, I’m really not a good person to ask this question, because I don’t have a very strict regiment. I mean, I try to drink a lot, as much water as I can. I try to get as much rest as I can. But ultimately I feel like it’s a muscle that the past ten years has gotten me to a place where more than three shows in a week is tough.

I just try to just be smart, like drink enough water, get enough rest. Your voice is the first thing to go if you’re dehydrated and sleep deprived. That was my mom’s advice when we were headed out on radio tour, she was like, ‘drink enough water and get your sleep.’ So she was right.

NL: What has the fan response been so far to the music or to what you’re doing?

HS: So sweet. Just encouraging and very vulnerable. A lot of people have really openly shared their struggles in all forms. Whether its similar to what I’ve been through, or infertility, or 'I just got diagnosed with cancer'. It’s been extremely intense at times to read people’s stories. But I read them all, I mean every single one of them I can get my hands on, I read it. Because it’s just so incredible to feel connected with people.

I’m so relational, just my heart, I’m such a people person. So to be able to be able to connect that way has been such a gift, and it’s just been extremely supportive. Like we did a couple things at CMA Fest, and you’ve got 150,000 country fans, and they’re coming to hear us do our little gospel church on Sunday morning at the HGTV Lodge. It’s just been really, really sweet.

NL: We heard you say at first you were a little worried about doing inspirational music because you didn’t want people to think you were doing it because you had your stuff together. What has it been like to come out the other side of it?

HS: I shouldn’t have been afraid, I guess. I think for me personally in friendships and people I admire, it’s always nice to be reminded that people are real. And people that are put in the public eye or that you put on a pedestal, you grow up saying, ‘They’re my hero, they’re my hero.’ Well, you never really know what people are dealing with or burdened by or going through or about to go through, and so I think just wanting to be genuine and authentic and really not be afraid to share my story, even the ugly parts, I don’t know, it’s made me extremely open. I’m seeing the freedom from coming out of hiding, how much more zest for life you have, even though what I went through with losing the baby was so hard, there was freedom that came from sharing that story. Not only me feeling like I’m not alone, but for a lot of other people to feel like they’re not alone. That’s living to me. Not being afraid to be open.

NL: What are some of your favorite places in Nashville...

To go with your family?
HS: The zoo. My little girl goes to the public library a lot, to the puppet show. It’s all very kid friendly things. That’s two of the most frequent, public library and, well, the splash pad under the pedestrian bridge... we go there a lot.

For Date Night?
HS: 5th & Taylor. Patterson House, it’s been around a little bit now with all the new stuff going up, but it’s still awesome. 5th & Taylor’s kind of been our repeat, we go there quite a bit when we’re out. It’s so good. The most incredibly gourmet comfort food you’ve ever had.

For Girl’s Night Out?
HS: Tonight I’m headed to Pinewood for dinner. I kind of feel like what I normally like is a great restaurant with a great wine list and a big round table. Moto was where I did my 30th birthday dinner in their little private room that’s right by the kitchen, that was really cool. I’m either cas brunch, or Moto big, great wine list. I just like a big table. 5th & Taylor has big tables too, where you just feel like you can all converse together. So, yeah, those are my spots.

To get pampered?
The Omni’s spa’s great. And then I would say Escape, over on Highway 100. Those are my two.

Hillary Scott


More with Hillary in the August 2016 issue of Nashville Lifestyles.

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