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Emerging Female Artists in Nashville

Meet four up-and-coming female artists who are only growing in popularity and talent.

Written By:  Valerie Hammond, Lindsay Williams, Katy Lindenmuth & Kelsey Haugen

Photographers:  Supplied

Lucy Hale

Best known for her role as Aria Montgomery on the hit ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale is eager to share her lifelong love of country music with fans on her debut album, Road Between, releasing June 3 on DMG Nashville. Produced by Mark Bright (Carrie Underwood) and Mike Daly (Grace Potter and The Nocturnals), Hale’s first outing was recorded at Nashville’s Blackbird and Starstruck Studios. More at lucyhale.com

Who was the first artist(s) you looked up to or wanted to grow up to be like?
I grew up in Memphis idolizing Martina McBride, Shania Twain and Faith Hill. Initially, it was just their strong vocals; Martina is one of the best singers in the world. They always had fantastic songs, but also really had a strong sense of self. I always felt that they were strong, powerful women who stood for something and didn’t just fit into the mold of what a female artist should be.

With all of the success you’ve found in acting, why did you feel like this was the right time to record an album?
I moved to LA in hopes of pursuing music when I was 15, and obviously, it didn’t happen then. I’ve been working on the album for about two years. Even when I got signed, I knew it was the right time, but it took a little bit to get my footing. I knew I wanted to do country, but [I had] to figure out where I was going to fit in and what I was going to say… Two years later, it’s coming out and I’m grateful for the time that it took.

What was it like recording your debut in Nashville?
I always knew I wanted to make a country album, and I knew that you can only make a country album in Nashville because the best players are here, the best writers are here; and so I was just really fortunate to get to work with some incredible people. The music scene is unlike any other place in the world, and so it was just nice to get back to my roots.

Any specific milestones that would mark success for you?
I would love to do a US tour, international tour and make as many albums as possible. Becoming a member of the Opry would be pretty incredible too…

Listen Live: Enjoy a Grand Ole Opry show with Lucy, Saturday, June 21 at 7 p.m.












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