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Consider the Wldflwrs Nashville Jewelry

With collaborative workshops in Nashville, Consider the Wldflwrs proves it can do more than jewelry design.

Written By:  Megan O’Neill

Photographers:  Austin Lord

Just past a set of railroad tracks in south Nashville, Cruzen Street is home to what might be a minimalist’s Elysium, replete with refined jewelry so simple it makes a statement. This is the studio of Emily Eggebrecht and her 3.5-year-old company, Consider the Wldflwrs, whose name stems from Luke 12:27, and whose spelling is the simple result of Instagram handle character limits.

Every covetable pendant, threaded earring, and stacked ring is made by hand here among modern wooden work spaces, soldering tools, and raw materials displayed as much for practicality as decor. The organized shelving looks like it was pulled right from a Container Store catalog.

And you can see it all for yourself. Eggebrecht founded the company as a student at Belmont in 2013, and she’s since expanded the brand to host Wldflwr.ink Workshops, which are hands-on calligraphy, jewelry making, and floral arrangement classes for those whose spirit of creativity and inspiration is alive, but whose opportunity to craft might be limited.

“A lot of people don’t get to ‘make’ anymore,” Eggebrecht says. “So many people don’t have time or don’t want to buy all of the materials. So, we curate that moment for them.”

The St. Louis native, who has evolved with her company since its infant days at Fort Houston, hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year. For students, the workshops are a merrymaking of creativity, but they’re also a celebration of community, which is what makes them so special.

“We really pride ourselves on being a vehicle for opportunity. We want to encourage and connect,” Eggebrecht says.

2410 Cruzen St, 629-888-9328; considerthewldflwrs.com

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