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Best Neighborhoods: West End

Multi-million dollar mansions and pricey modern condominiums share amenities with renovated historic homes.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  The Tennessean

Elliston Soda Shop

West End

In terms of sheer variety, the real estate in this area is probably the most diverse on our list. Multi-million dollar mansions and pricey modern condominiums share amenities with renovated historic homes—and each nook has its own character and neighborhood association. Real estate here remains steep, but for good reason: Owners get gorgeous churches, top-rated private schools, Elmington and Centennial Parks and carefully controlled historic restrictions. Plus, there’s no shortage of top-tier retail nearby and you can’t beat the easy access to downtown.

May We Recommend:

FoodBrickTop’s, 3000 West End Ave; 615-298-1000
Elliston Soda Shop, 2111 Elliston Pl; 615-327-1090
Flemings, 2525 West End Ave; 615-342-0131
Mason's Nashville, 2100 West End Ave; 615-321-1990
Nama Sushi, 2300 Elliston Pl; 615-933-6262
, 2413 Elliston Pl; 615-327-9892
Samurai Sushi, 2209 Elliston Pl; 615-320-5438
Tin Angel, 3201 West End Ave; 615-298-3444
Three Brothers Coffee, 2813 West End Ave; 615-835-2166

DoCentennial Park, 2500 West End Ave
The Dailey Method, 2302 Elliston Pl; 615-850-1855
Hot Yoga Plus, 2214 Elliston Pl; 615-321-8828
On the End Crossfit, 2910 West End Ave; 615-952-1447
Title Boxing, 1906 Church St; 615-942-5919

BeautyDarryl Allen Salon, 1904 Hayes St; 615-678-5524
Paige Simmons Salon, 3011 Poston Ave; 615-915-3394
True Blue Salon, 2817 West End Ave, Suite 109; 615-329-4454
William Edge Salon, 2214 Elliston Pl; 615-515-3767

ShopBoutique Bella, 2817 West End Ave, Suite 116; 615-467-1471
Cumberland Transit, 2807 West End Ave; 615-321-4069
Team Nashville
, 3205 West End Ave; 615-383-0098

, 3307 West End Ave; 615-810-9442
J. Michaels Clothiers, 3305 West End Ave; 615-321-0686
Muse, 2525 West End Ave #2505; 615-321-2400

, 2918 West End Ave; 615-340-9999

, 2208 Elliston Pl; 615-321-3340


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