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Best Neighborhoods: Berry Hill

Berry Hill is a cozy nook that is considered a Metro satellite city.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  The Tennessean

Baja Burrito

Berry Hill

Straddling that sweet spot between 12South and the edge of Brentwood, Berry Hill is a cozy nook that is considered a Metro satellite city. Boasting just 600 residents in one square mile, this part of town is also home to about 40 recording studios. Like Green Hills, it also has the convenience of a number of chain stores nearby.

May We Recommend:

DineBaja Burrito, 722 Thompson Ln; 615-383-2252
Calypso Cafe
, 700 Thompson Ln; 615-297-3888

The Pfunky Griddle
, 2800 Bransford Ave; 615-298-2088

Sunflower Café
, 2834 Azalea Pl; 615-457-2568

The Yellow Porch
, 734 Thompson Ln; 615-386-0260

Get Fit Anytime
, 715 Craighead Dr, 615-642-2875
Azalea Park, Azalea Drive near Thompson Lane

Gilchrist Gilchrist
, 2825 Bransford Ave; 615-385-2122 >>>One of Taylor Swift's favorite Nashville spots!
Gas Lamp Antiques & Decorating Mall, 100 Powell Place, Suite 200; 615-297-2224

Izzy Pop Pet Salon
, 2693 Fessey Ct, 615-535-0911
See Spot Eat, 2815 Bransford Ave, 615-712-6112

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