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beFriend Warner Parks April Initiative

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Supplied

This month, Friends of Warner Parks is engaging in a dedicated campaign, beFriend Warner Parks, to introduce the organization to people currently unfamiliar and renew relationships with those who have befriended the organization in the past—all with the ultimate goal of raising funds and increasing official Friendships.

“What are Friends for?” is the question at the heart of this April campaign.

With this month-long endeavor, Friends of Warner Parks seeks to educate those who know and love Warner Parks, but don’t yet know the Friends organization or its vital role in the protection and preservation of this sanctuary in the city.

“We’ll show the impact of Friends’ support via email and social media, in-park tent events, and grassroots outreach in surrounding Nashville neighborhoods,” says Claire Corby, marketing and membership consultant.

Did you know? Friends of Warner Parks is the nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of Warner Parks, which welcomes more than one million visitors each year. This year, the organization will invest over $500,000 directly back into the park!

With donors’ support, Friends of Warner Parks helps fund: 

• Care of 3,100+ acres of parkland
• Maintenance of nearly 17 miles of hiking trails
• Restoration of historic structures and landmarks
• Educational programming at the Warner Park Nature Center
• Invasive plant control efforts throughout the parks

Love Warner Parks? Please beFriend Warner Parks today!

To donate, text ‘FRIEND’ to 56512 or visit warnerparks.org.

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